Directed by Kiyoko McCrae & Jason Foster | Editor: Jason Foster | Cinematographers: Scott McKibben & Zac Manuel | Assistant Camera: Ben Long | Sound Designer: David Bear | Sound Engineer: Abraham Kinkoph | Production Assistant: Remy Williams, Damia Khanboubi | Costume Designers: Janese (AYA Designs) & Kiyoko McCrae | Makeup: Nialah Howard (Magnolia Makeup) |

Written and performed by Sunni Patterson

Dancers: Sunni Patterson, Kesha McKey, Kai Knight, Jeremy Guyton

Special Thanks: Studio BE, Kathleen Kraus and Benjamin Arthur Ellis, Lily Keber (Mairzy Doats Productions)

A Junebug Productions/Visible Productions Film | Directed by Kiyoko McCrae and Jason Foster | Edited by Jason Foster | Written and performed by Frederick "Hollywood" Delahoussaye | Director of Photography: Paavo Hanninen | Assistant Camera: John Carlo-Monti | Production Assistant: Remy Williams | Starring Asana Olusola | Music by free feral | Special Thanks to Community Book Center, Black Star Books and Caffe, Sanctuary Cultural Arts Center, Backyard Gardeners Network, Jenga Mwendo, Worklight Pictures, The Greenhouse Collective

Hear Ms. Chine, owner of the Candlelight Lounge, tell her story.

Video by FosterBear Films.

Homecoming Project 2011.

Video by Bruce France.

Filmed in November 2012, this conversation with John O'Neal, co-founder of Free Southern Theater and founding Artistic Director of Junebug Productions centers around Mr. O'Neal's values and aesthetics that have guided his approach to art-making over the span of his 50+ year career as a civil rights organizer, playwright, director and actor. From the formation of Free Southern Theater and the story circle process to the creation of the mythical everyman character Junebug Jabbo Jones, Mr. O'Neal shares the importance and power of stories and its role in creating social change.

Interview conducted by Stephanie McKee Audio: Kiyoko McCrae Camera: Jason R.A. Foster Dr. Doris Derby is one of the three co-founders of the Free Southern Theater. In this interview she discusses how she met the other co-founders John O'Neal and Gilbert Moses in Jackson, MS in 1963.